Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Hi Im Freedom, Im a 4yr registered Texas Longhorn Steer. I was feed special feed as a baby so that my bones and joints would grow strong and I was trained and loved so that someday I would be a riding steer and not hamburger.I love to do tricks becuse I get alot of attention when I do, and apples. I love my neck scratched with a special rubber curry and I love that plastic massager with the 2 big balls and the 2 little ones... oooo my favorite.
One Day the lady that gives me my massages came and told me that the USDA was going to make me wear a chip and that they would come into my pasture and take me and kill me with out hearing or warrant. She told me that there was a Constitution that right now would keep me from being killed by the USDA and NAIS. However if laws were passed supporting NAIS 15 of these constitutional rights would be gone forever. She told me she would go to jail endefenately with out hearing or speedy trial. She told me that the tags would put pet owners and small farmers out of business. They would pay 20-70.00 per tag while large feed lots would pay .70 cents -3.00 for the whole lot and every animal in that lot would not be tagged. She also told me that the makers of these GPS tags are also making them for people. Go here to read more about that
So I told her that I didn't want to die and that I wanted that thing called the Constitution to protect my pasture. I told her I wanted to try and tell everyone about how important it is to speak out while you still have the freedom to do so. She agreed and on June 1,2007 She will take me 650 miles to Cheyenne Wy and along the way we will talk to everyone about what freedom is and why we need to protect it.
This is my blog. This is where I will tell you about that trip and what happens to me along the way. I will tell you about the people I meet, the things I see, the hard times and the good. This blog, is my story. The Story of Freedom.

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farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Beautiful Longhorn! My mother in law will be jealous since she wants to raise them (and cross breed them with her Dexters for "mini longhorns") I linked your blog to todays post---good luck and keep us updated!